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Hey fellow marketer —

I’m Benjamin, the maker of Growth Cards & freelance CMO for 8+ companies. I wanted to talk to you about one of the underestimated secrets in marketing. To generate growth, you need to think outside the box.

You’ve heard it before, huh? So what?

Yet, most of our fellow marketers think the same as everyone else. Like robots, yes. They listen to podcasts, blog posts and invest in Google & Facebook Ads.

Stop giving your entire traffic acquisition budget to Google and Facebook.

Why should you do that? Because all your competitors are already investing in these media.

These traffic generators are too competitive. So you will pay more and more every year. Your profit margin will drop and you won’t be competitive at all in 3 years.

You need to differentiate yourself. To “Think outside the box“.

Do you think that Apple, Google, and Airbnb grew up buying advertising campaigns?

No, they had to take other paths, overcome mountains of difficulties and find clever shortcuts.

You are an entrepreneur or a marketing manager. It is your role to find new ideas to generate growth for your company.

But it’s not easy every day to differentiate yourself.

Sometimes you need a guide who shows you how to do it, to inspire you. To show you better ways to drive profits.

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☝️ it’s me

That guide is 70+ packaged growth ideas. So you’ll never run out of ideas to double your growth every year.

Handmade for you, with 🖤

— Ben

OK, but is Growth Cards relevant for me?

Here’s a quick test:

  • You consider yourself as an innovative marketer
  • You work for a SaaS or a B2B company
  • You work in a small/medium-sized business
  • You always test new tactics to maintain your ambitious growth
  • But sometimes, you feel you are missing out on marketing opportunities

If you answered no to a question, don’t buy it. It doesn’t fit your mindset or your business. Quora will maybe help you find new tactics…

If you said yes to all of the above questions: congratulations, Growth Cards can help you generate additional revenue.

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What’s inside Growth-Cards?

You haven’t read the first sentence of this page, right? You are forgiven. Soooo, what is Growth Cards?

Growth Cards is a virtual deck of cards with actionable tips in growth marketing. In each card, there is:

  • title, to summarize the value proposition
  • Synthetics notes, to explain why and how you can use the tactic
  • An illustration, to show you how it looks (avoid 2/3 Google search)
  • The stage of the AARRR funnel concerned by the tactics
  • The link to go to the resource
  • The estimated budget and the difficulty of the tactic

Easy return on investment

You get 2 or 3 clients thanks to Growth Cards? Well done, you hit the R.O.I. milestone.

Get new updates, for free

Growth Cards price will increase. If you buy it now, it’s cheaper. And you’ll get new updates for free

Tactics reserved for buyers

Yes, you have to pay. But you get an edge over your competitors on buying it. They will hate us.

Simple to use

We use Airtable, an online tool. You don’t need to be an expert to use it. It’s really simple.

No coding skills needed

Some tactics are technicals, yes. But Growth Cards is based on no-code tools. Relax.

From beginners to advanced

Tactics fit your skills. And your marketing priorities: traffic, conversion, retention, etc.

Dear Marketer, you’re on a lucky day

Here are 4 free growth strategies. No email needed. Quit your classic marketing strategy now.
Get the complete version later and skyrocket your revenues.

“Thank you very much for this treasure! I am very satisfied! Thank you so much !”

— Kadiatou, the first customer of Growth Cards.

Let’s grow together.

I believe Growth Cards must be accessible to any SaaS & SMB B2B marketer. So I create a simple but smart product, to keep a low price.
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  • Support for 14 days
  • Secure checkout by Stripe
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Easy return on investment
  • Lifetime deal
  • Cheap launching price

Frequently Asked Questions.

If this F.A.Q. doesn’t answer your questions, send me an email or DM me on Twitter. I’m here for you, fellow marketer.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If Growth Cards doesn’t fit your needs, I refund 100% of your money.  I’m convinced you’ll like it though.

Can I share my access with
my co-workers?

Nope. But you can talk about it. Send me an email if you’re interested in a referral partnership. Let’s talk about it.

How to use the tool?

After the purchase, you will receive an Airtable link. Click and login to Airtable. That’s it, you have access to the premium edition of Growth Cards. Pick cards, test them, and sell more.

Play your best cards, like a poker star.

Knock knock, who are you?
Why Growth Cards?

I’m Ben, a freelance growth marketer. I gather all these strategies, for my clients. So I decided to share my database, to monetize my technology and marketing watch.

I spend 1-year gathering smart tactics, you pay for all the time you don’t spend to search. Fair enough?

You're ready to grow ?

You’ve never been so close to getting 70+ new growth tactics.
It’s up to you now, fellow marketer.